"The dentist is the most important professional in dealing with chronic problems in the body."

In order for the body to have the potential for optimal health, the body systems need to be in neuromuscular balance. Many of the health challenges your patients are experiencing are a result from neuromuscular imbalance. The foundation for this proper balance starts with a level occlusion.

To have neuromuscular balance the brain requires the maxilla to be parallel to the floor. Even during swallowing the brain will attempt to keep the maxilla level. If the maxilla is canted to one side, the head will roll to that side and the body, all the way down the spine to the feet , will move to counter balance what is happening up top. This creates major imbalances in the bodies health.


Neuromuscular Balance 

Neuromuscular Balance and the seven planes of the body 

When the Skeletal Structures are not Parallel or at Right Angles to the Axis of Gravity the Body becomes Unhealthy