Hands-on Classes

Dr. Runar D. Johnson DDS, the inventor of the Aligner System, has hands-on classes at his dental office in Sequim, Washington several times a year. During the 2 day class, you will see how his entire practice centers around the concept of neuromuscular balance and how it is integrated into the whole health of the patient.  Mark your calendar and plan to attend and receive 16 C.E. Credits




Topics covered include: 

  • Aligner System Theory - How it came to be, history and back testing

  • Patient Inital exam- body stance, bite check , etc

  • The famous 3M Post-it note paper test

  • MRT testing - how you can tell the patients body likes a level bite

  • Taking proper impressions to get the HIP plane

  • Making the models

  • Mounting on the Aligner

  • How to use the indicators on the Aligner

  • Making the diagnostic appliance 

  • Fitting and fine tuning the appliance and the tools used 

  • Using MRT testing of the patient to guide how the appliance is adjusted

  • Hard appliances

  • How your office can bill for Aligner services

  • How balanced, happy patients will grow your practice and much more




Schedule for 2019            

                January 11-12                                 

                March 22-23

                May 24-25



                                Contact Bonnie at Dr. Johnsons office for details:

                                                               (360) 683-3892

                                                        drrunarjohnson at