The Aligner System

The Aligner System allows the clinician a simple, uncomplicated method of mounting, analyzing and treating cases using stable, reproducible anatomical landmarks of the skull.


The 21st century dentist can no longer function as merely a tooth mechanic to the patient, but as the professional who understands that the mouth is linked to other systems in the body and who takes a systems approach to chronic problems in the the body. These problems can manifest in headaches, neck pain, back, hip, shoulder, knee pain ,chronic fatigue, clicking and popping jaw and other major chronic problems.


 The dentist must be the doctor who takes into account the whole body in its structure and function to best serve his patient. The brain is constantly monitoring and attempting to keep the body in balance. The neuro-muscular system is used to keep this balance or at least attempt to keep this balance as the case may be and proper alignment of the jaws is essential to achieve neuro-muscular  balances in the body.

The Aligner System is essential in aiding the dentist to achieve good diagnosis of structured balance in the jaw as it relates to the rest of the body. This with the aid of other diagnostic modalities allows the best diagnosis and treatment plan for the patient. Other important considerations are occlusional analysis of tooth to tooth contact, cone beam or CT Xray scan and degree of emotional stress , diet and analysis of the cranial bones.